Is GreenGeeks Any Good? What Others Fail to Tell You!

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One of the industry's top green web hosting companies, GreenGeeks is a full service company launched in 2006. They are growing at a fast pace, hosting over 100,000 sites on the web at present. Find out if this host will work for you.

There are number of angles that web hosting companies are using right now to sell their services and to differentiate themselves from other companies in the same industry. One of those features has to do with being green. What this means is that the company is environmentally friendly, but they have a small carbon footprint, and that they do all they cannot to impact the environment with the work that they do. When you read a GreenGeeks review, you will see at this company is not only the world’s number one green web hosting company, but it hosts more than 100,000 websites all over the world.

What Makes GreenGeeks Different From The Rest?

greengeeksWhen you are looking at web hosting companies, you will generally find that for the most part they are all very similar. They all have control panels, they all offer a certain amount of bandwidth or disk space, and they all promise to be up and running at least 99% of the time. But, there are some small features it can make or break a company, and when you read any GreenGeeks review, you will see that one of the features that this company offers that others don’t is free site migration.

If you don’t know what this means, site migration is when a company help you move your site from another provider to their service. This might not sound like a big deal, but if you aren’t technically savvy, this migration service can save you a lot of time and a lot of money.

What Else Do They Have To Offer?

GreenGeeks has a lot of the usual features that other companies have, including unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, and the ability to host unlimited numbers of domains on one account. Also, you can have an unlimited number of email accounts, an unlimited number of MySQL databases, and they will also give you a free domain name for life.

If you are just getting up and running, then one of the features that can be very beneficial for you, is the range of free marketing credits that they provide you with. You can use these credits on Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, and other services to get your website known on the Internet and advertise to potential consumers.

Are There Any Negatives to Know About?

As with any web hosting company, it is not a one-size fits all solution.  GreenGeeks is no exception.  One of the things people looking for hosting want is of course value for money.  Sometimes in the case of GreenGeeks, people expect too much for the small monthly hosting fees. While GreenGeeks offers unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth, it is important to put it into perspective. When using shared hosting, resource usage is extremely important.

If you plan to upload large volumes of files such as videos and graphics for disk storage and setup a video site such as a YouTube or have a high traffic website that consumes lots of bandwidth, then this hosting is definitely not for you.  If you run lots of web scripts that overload the capacity of the server you’re on, it is also not a good idea to go with them.  This is simply because this is going way beyond the limits of fair use.  As a shared hosting user, you are sharing the server resources with others and abusing the service at the expense of others is frowned upon by any hosting provider, not just GreenGeeks.  What they do offer, however, is a reliable, cost-effective hosting service that the majority of webmasters will be able to enjoy.  For the small number who desire greater use of resources, Virtual Private Server or dedicated hosting solutions would be a better fit.  For most though, GreenGeeks hosting service is sufficient for setting up a personal or mini-website.

What Do Real People Have To Say About GreenGeeks?

When you look at the reviews for this company, you will see that most of them are extremely positive, and that many are downright enthusiastic about how easy it was to move the site over to the service. This alone is well worth the price of hosting, since it can cost a lot of money to have a technical person move your site over if you don’t know what you’re doing.

“I absolutely love the GreenGeeks service and what they are doing for the environment. I have several of my web sites hosted with them, some are business related and some are personal. My service with GreenGeeks has been very reliable and the technical support is fantastic!” — Noah Poleitis,

“I’ve been with Green Geeks for over a year and I’d have to say that they are one of the best hosting companies around; and I’ve used quite a few.” — dmitry,

“I’ve been with GreenGeeks for over a year now, and recently my WordPress blog was hacked. I didn’t know what to do and as stupid as I was, I didn’t have any recent backups, so it was a total disaster for me. I gave it a shot and contacted GreenGeeks for some assistance. One of their techs was able to revert back to an older copy of my site and bring it back up for me! That right there made me realize how awesome GreenGeeks really was!” — Jenny Hendricks,

What Kind Of Price Should You Expect To Pay?

Generally speaking, price of the hosting plan isn’t as important as the features that the company offers. This is because the price of hosting has plummeted to the point where it is extremely inexpensive. An example of this would be GreenGeeks, which now offers hosting from $4.95 per month. Included in this price is a money-back guarantee, and an assurance that you will have 99.9% uptime, no hidden costs to worry about, and extremely quick account activation.

When you take into account that you are going to get a free domain name for a life and free site migration, it is almost as if they are giving away their service.

Is This The Right Kind Of Hosting Company For You?

GreenGeeks may be popular right now because it promises to be green and environmentally friendly, but it wouldn’t continue to exist if it didn’t meet the needs of its customers. One more feature that is extremely important to virtually everyone who uses this company is its North American support system. When you call up or email them for assistance, you will be assured that the person on the other end of the phone are the email will be someone from the same country as you. This is extremely important when your site is down and you are under pressure, or when you need technical support and someone to help you. For this reason alone, GreenGeeks looks to be a good decision for anyone searching for affordable green hosting.

“The high level of technical support distinguishes GreenGeeks from its competitors.” — Mikert,

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