Green Web Hosting Initiatives and Reducing the Impact on Our Environment

Shared hosting and dedicated hosting are two common types of hosting available through numerous hosting companies.  Depending on whether it meets your organization’s needs, you will need to evaluate these services provided to see which is more suitable. While shared hosting and dedicated hosting are known around online communities, there is another type of web hosting that is quickly becoming the hosting choice of businesses – green web hosting.  This type of hosting can be described as eco-friendly and while it is relatively new in this mainstream hosting industry, it is quickly catching on as a more responsible way of running business online. Since this kind of hosting is run substantially different from others in the way it reduces it’s carbon footprint, it is a viable alternative option to the other conventional methods of hosting sites for companies and individuals.

Eco-Friendly Web Hosting and Solar Energy Choices

go green headAs companies all over the world are considering the impact that business operations have on the environment as a whole, employers are often thinking out of the proverbial box to find additional ways to reduce this worldwide problem of growing carbon emissions from the burning of environmentally harmful fossil fuels such as crude oil. In fact, today’s companies are taking a proactive approach to evaluating how much impact their business has on the earth and how it affects the health of people who live in certain areas. In addition to the rising pollution caused by carbon emissions, many also worry about the prospect of an energy related crisis in the future if we don’t cut down on the use of fossil fuels.  Innovative web hosting companies created green hosting by utilizing 100% green energy to meet the growing demand of a more environmentally conscious business environment.

Traditional Hosting Solutions vs. Green Hosting Alternatives

With traditional web hosting solutions, all of the electricity comes from a utility company. Since the electricity for these servers are operated 24 hours a day 7 seven days a week to keep websites running, the energy bills for these hosting companies can often increase exponentially. As the energy bills increase, these amounts are normally transferred to the customer in hosting fees. This is one of the main reasons why people would like to see initiatives like green web hosting services achieve greater successes since it will help to save everyone money in the long-run while reducing its impact on the environment.

Other than the sources of energy a green hosting company uses, the actual service and server uptime is essentially the same.  Everything runs much like the traditional web hosting provider.  The only difference is that you are choosing to operate servers run by solar power and other green sources on a 24/7 basis. By doing so, you are saving on the cost of conventional electricity and transferring the overall cost savings into green solutions that will allow the energy to be generated by the Sun and other environmental friendly choices.  This ultimately kills two birds with a single stone – reducing carbon footprint while saving money on electricity consumption from the power grid.

The Goal and Objective is Reducing Emission Problems

By changing these resources to green initiatives, the individual or company can save a lot on traditional energy sources, especially energy that is normally used in nearby fire suppression systems, environmental cooling controls and internet connections. All of which can have a negative impact on the environment. Therefore, when the companies start the process of going green, they also reduce the damage caused. Also, as a general rule of thumb, green hosting service providers are adhering to a wide variety of different approaches to obtain the energy supply needed. All of which are being used to achieve better results at a lower cost.

What Are Energy Credit Benefits?

To assists with the efforts that these service providers are offering, some companies can also benefit from receiving renewable energy credits. These credits can be described as renewable energy sources, especially because they were purchased from nearby electric companies. By providing the renewable energy credits, the company can take credit for contributing to the reduction in emissions by indirect vs. direct means. These credits must be obtained by indirect contributions since the companies cannot take any credit for reducing emissions in their areas.

Reducing Consumption by Reducing Hardware Needs

In addition to reducing emissions, some green hosting companies are also involved in reducing energy in their operations. This is often accomplished by installing fewer workstations in office facilities. This then allows the traditional energy sources to be reduced substantially because reduction in hardware and electricity usage can equate to large sums of money in the long run.

When a company is serious about providing green hosting in their operations, they will also consider alternative ways to provide safer electricity alternatives in their communities as well. These efforts are often accomplished by using the different types of generators than run on propane gas. While cost savings and adherence to safety guidelines is a high priority in making the choice to go green, it can also be a driving factor behind many companies who want to help with environmental concerns.  The return on investment for these efforts, however, does not currently equate to greater savings. Instead, these changes normally result in more money being paid out instead of coming in. These organizations must be dedicated to the bigger cause of saving the environment versus increasing their profits and something that is worthy of support by consumers such as us.

When going green, most people have recognized it is often the little things that can make the difference. Therefore, when the staff is part of a green hosting team, they are highly alert and involved in the process when they are at work in the office.  Little acts such as remembering to turn on and off lights, while small, help in this cause. Even though green web hosting companies are presented with a diversity of problems, the leaders in these areas are looking for other ways to save money so they can pass the savings on to you and protect the environment as well.

Finding the best web hosting provider can be a difficult task since it can take quite a bit of research to find the best type for an organization. With the advent of green hosting initiatives, the choices for environmentally conscious businesses is a lot easier since costs remain almost equivalent to traditional hosting while service levels remain similar.   It is important for you to do proper research prior to making a final decision on whether to go with a green web host or a traditional one.

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